So you want to know if Pinterest can help you with SEO? After all, it is one of the most popular social networking sites, and you probably have quite a few friends there. So does Pinterest help you with SEO? The answer depends on what you plan to use Pinterest for.

If you are looking for a new blogspot – or weblog – to promote your business or product, Pinterest may not be the best place to start. If you already have an existing blog or website, you can still add Pinterest to it, but it will take some work. First, you will need to get your links from Twitter, Facebook and other sources in place on Pinterest. You could also talk about SEO (search engine optimization) issues with your colleagues at your job. But since Pinterest is rather new, you might not know how well it will connect with people and if it is worth all the trouble.

So what can you do with Pinterest? First of all, you can add a “pin” to your website. Pin a photo of your current product or blog, or a link to an article you wrote. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to link directly to your site – it can just be a small, almost insignificant link to your site. You can also write comments on other people’s pins – this is actually pretty popular now, and you shouldn’t overlook it. If you are active on Twitter anyway, you may even find that people are using Pinterest as a sort of social microblogging platform.

Does Pinterest help you with SEO? It depends on the content you put online. The more information you include on your site, the better – if you write blog posts regularly, for example, you should really try to stick to them and include as much relevant content as possible. This will help Google identify you as an authority – and that authority translates into high rankings for SEO.

Are there any Pinterest-specific strategies you can use? The answer is: yes! You can use Facebook’s tagging system to promote your pins. There are also several Pinterest-specific plugins available, which you can find by searching “Pinterest plugins” on Google.

How can you get more Pins on Pinterest? One way is to pin pages that you know people might be interested in. For example, if you run a pet store, you could pin a collection of different pets – or one general category, such as cats. This will help your page build some traction early on and will give people an idea that you’re an expert in this field.

Can you sell products on your page? Yes, – but not just any product. You have to be a seller first. Choose an affiliate program that suits your interests – don’t just choose any affiliate because it claims to be “hot”. Look for a product with high demand, low competition and a solid track record.

Will Pinterest help your SEO? In most cases, yes. However, do look at other elements of your page – like the navigation and layout. If you have the right layout, the search engine will naturally find the right images for your Pins – leading to higher rankings and more traffic.

Does Pinterest fit into my marketing plans? Pinterest isn’t the only social networking website, of course. If you already have an established social networking website, look at other options – whether those options fit in with your current strategies or not.

Is Pinterest a good website to use as a reference for building organic links? It’s certainly possible to get links from your Pinterest page through to your main website like Facebook or Twitter – and to other social networking websites like LinkedIn and Facebook. However, if your website isn’t a “social networking” website in the classic sense (with lots of email back-and-forth exchanges and discussion threads), then Pinterest is unlikely to be particularly valuable for SEO. Pinterest’s layout is different from most websites, and there are some really strict rules about what can and cannot be posted. So if you want to gain benefit from Pinterest for SEO, it’s better to focus on using the various other social networking features.

Does Pinterest help with offline marketing? Pinterest does have a few tools that can be useful for both SEO and local marketing. The pin board allows you to pin a specific URL on a wall – this helps in two ways. Firstly, if someone searches your business name and you have a Pinterest page they may find it here first, helping them remember your business name when searching for something relevant.

The second benefit is that your Pinterest URL can be included in your online marketing campaigns. Emailing a client a link to a particular page on your site is one form of offline marketing. You could also include a “pin” code in your online newsletters. A third method is to use Pinterest stickers to encourage your current clients to re-pins their pages.