Pinterest is much like a super-search engine rather than a social networking site. That’s why Pinterest has been one of my most favorite tools for boosting my online business. Pinterest is also one of the least abused social networking platform, for money. For those who are brand new to social media, Pinterest is actually one of the easiest to get started with, for brand newbies at least.

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Here’s a simple conversation primer on how to really succeed with organic (which means not paid) Pinterest advertising, based on lessons from the past year’s search traffic reports for lifestyle brands. (Pinterest isn’t included in this article because the search traffic reports for this term are only recently completed.) It would be impossible to list everything we found in this article. So we’ll focus on one particular strategy that works really well for us. We use Pinterest a lot to plan our seasonal product ideas and we use pins to help spread the word. In this article we’ll share a simple strategy that we’ve used successfully for getting tons of free social media traffic to our site using only pins from our Pinterest account.

So let’s get into it! First, you have to use the visual search bar inside the Pinterest site. You can tap on “search” and then scroll through the results on the right-hand side of the Pinterest interface. One of the top results will be “pins from Pinterest.” If you have an account already set up with this social networking site, you will see a search bar on the home page of your page.

Open the Pinterest account. You may see a link to “pin it.” Click on it. You should see a screen with a blank document or blank Pinterest account icon. Copy and paste the HTML code given below into this empty field.

Importantly, the code is very simple and if you haven’t worked with HTML before it would be a wise move to learn some before starting your implementation of this strategy. On the “Pinterest” landing page, type in the HTML code and save it as a favorite. Then open your favorite social media network like twitter or linkedin and add the code to your About Me section, headers, footers and to your profile. This will take your profile page and link them to your embedded link to Pinterest (you can also do this for Instagram social media as well).

Now we want to send our friends a direct private message asking them to pin the image or to add it to their own collection. To do this, we have to make sure that our image has a strong enough title so that people know about the link that we are asking from them to click. In my case I use Facebook since I have an official business account but the rule is still the same if not more. Type the title and description of your image in a personal message to your Facebook friends asking them to pin the image. You may have to add a couple of extra tokens at the end of your message just to be certain, but you should have a nice big space to place your links.

And that’s it! You are done from here on. That’s how you can easily drive targeted organic search traffic to your isp and your interest account. With proper planning and research we can create a massive source of free visual search traffic that is not difficult to manage when we have the right tools.

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